Why Facebook is threatening to stop operating in Solomon Islands Email List Europe: keys to a judicial resolution that could revolutionize the sector The European Commission could intervene to monitor the application of the law In fact, according to the leaked documents, Meta’s attorneys claim that the judgment does not apply to the company as “ Relevant United States law and practice provide protection of personal data that is essentially equivalent to the level of protection required by EU law ‘ . While there is no final Irish decision so far on the legality of Meta’s actions, the European Commission warned earlier this month that unless the law is applied ‘effectively and soon’ it will step in and carry out ‘a centralized supervision system ‘.

Returning to Meta, if the order to suspend data transfer from European Union users is enforced, the tech giant will have to make drastic changes to its infrastructure and / or business model , and could even terminate its service in Europe, a possibility Facebook has long raised by stating that any suspension order against Facebook’s data streams would cause economic harm to European SMEs that use their advertising tools to target consumers. Facebook has had a very busy year, in which it has been dedicated to updating many of its tools in order to offer a better creative opportunity for its users and creators. Following these ideas, Facebook announced new proposals with which to boost the reach,

Solomon Islands Email List

discovery of creators who broadcast live, fostering better and stronger relationships between creators and their community. All this is shown through the presentation of tools and updates that range from new live video tools to new publication formats. A new design for Facebook Live Since the launch of Facebook Live, its live video broadcasting tool, Mark Lederberg’s company, has hosted more than 10 billion broadcasts, thus becoming a fundamental element for creators around the world to connect with their audiences, even internationally. Therefore, in order to facilitate the creative processes and creation of this type of content , the company has redesigned Facebook Live for its mobile and computer versions,

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