Splitting the network into different segments, such as a Nepal WhatsApp Number List network segment for the printers, a segment for the administration and a network segment for, for example, the guests also helps. Should a cybercriminal enter, he can only reach a segment and then runs into a virtual wall. Cybercrime with Valentine’s Day 3. Put a good lock on the door A password alone is no longer enough to control access to your IT. Almost all cyber attacks Nepal WhatsApp Number List use stolen or predictable passwords.

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That’s why you need to add extra elements to Nepal WhatsApp Number List the access control. That’s called multi-factor authentication. A good option is an app on your employees’ smartphones. If they want to log in, they have to confirm it via that app. So they have to know something (the password) and have something (the smartphone). This creates a barrier for hackers.

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If you are going to introduce such a measure, make sure Nepal WhatsApp Number List that employees are included in the change process and train them in its use! In practice, employees do not always realize that they only receive a request for authentication when logging in. So are you in a meeting and do you not log in yourself, but do you receive an authentication request? Then something is wrong!

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