National Geographic is one of the most Greece Email List important organizations in the world oriented towards education, science and culture. This brand, which we know mainly from its magazine or the television channels it has, leads this list with an estimated 284.9 million followers, of which most, 190 million, come from its Instagram account Greece Email List, in the who usually publish photographs Greece Email List of their different collaborators on issues of ecology, culture, preservation, science, among others. The Ellen DeGeneres Show Many actors, presenters, or public figures brand their name when they achieve a certain milestone in their various fields. An example of this is the presenter and Greece Email List comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who with her program.

let’s review the main Chilean news of the whole year

The Ellen Show has Greece Email List achieved considerable success in the television entertainment industry. It is located in the second position of the list with some 272.4 million followers throughout its social networks. Greece Email List Which are distributed, mostly, between Instagram and Twitter with 109 and 7.7 million followers respectively. On his social networks he usually posts clips about shows, interviews, as well as Greece Email List entertainment content in general. Real Madrid C.F Taking a leap from comedy and culture to sports, in third position we have Real Madrid. This team, which ranks as one of the most relevant on the Greece Email List international sports scene, has an estimated 270.9 million followers.

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Alba Barreiro, what were the main news for July and August

Of these, 111.8 million followers are found on their Facebook profile, where they usually Greece Email List post updates on players, training sessions or matches, as well as counts of plays, goals, etc. FC Barcelona As you would expect where Real Madrid is, we can also Greece Email List find Barcelona. The eternal rivalry of these two football clubs makes their matches one of the most visible in competitions, dividing a large part of the “beautiful sport” fans into two camps. Greece Email List The difference between this team and Real Madrid is minimal, with an estimated 270.6 million followers. The club’s main social network is also Facebook, where it has around 103 million Greece Email List followers. In his networks he usually uploads training, news and updates about his players or matches, as well as clips of plays.

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