Facebook marketing is one of the strategies of social media marketing by utilizing the Facebook platform as a marketing goal to increase product sales.

To start this Facebook marketing, you can start the steps of a Facebook marketing strategy that can be a recommendation for you to apply, as follows:

1. Start with a clear Facebook marketing goal, whether to increase engagement, website traffic, or get leads

2. Know your target market

3. Build attractive content

4. Schedule content posts well and regularly

5. Improve communication with your audience

6. Maximize your business market reach with Facebook Ads

7. Evaluate and analyze the strategies you have implemented

Use Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads is a fast way to increase your business on the social media platforms incorporated on Facebook. What can be improved in this facebook ads? You can increase your business with Facebook ads such as increasing awareness of your business brand, maximizing the reach of your business, increasing your website traffic, getting customer data in the form of names, phone numbers, emails and can increase sales conversions from your business.

So, how do you use these Facebook ads? You can follow the steps as follows:

1. Make sure you already have a fanpage for your business, if not you can create a new fanpage for your business

2. Open facebook ads

3. Click the create ad button

4. Define your advertising goals

5. Select the ad type

6. Specify the name of the ad and select the purpose of the ad, namely traffic

7. Determine the target audience for your market reach

8. Determine the placement and select facebook

9. Determine the schedule for ad serving

10. Connect your ad with a Australia School Email Lists fansapage account

11. Choose ad format

12. Create text as ad title and description

13. After all your ad settings are ok, it’s time for you to make payment

You can visit how to create facebook ads for more detailed info.

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Take advantage of Twitter Marketing
Twitter has a unique way of attracting potential visitors to you. This marketing strategy using Twitter prioritizes your engagement with your potential customers plus easy and simple features.

So how to do a social media marketing strategy using Twitter? Here are the steps:

1. Make your Twitter profile the best it can be

2. Use a username that matches your business name

3. Use a profile photo with your business logo to enhance your business branding

4. If you are a public figure, blogger, or content creator you can put your profile photo with a clean background (without any elements or decorations)

5. Add a header image at the top of your profile

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