Monitor all entrances In 2022, a corporate network Netherlands WhatsApp Number List consists of countless different devices and services. More and more they are outside the direct control of the company. Because people work from home or because partner companies are link to your network. Or what about all kinds of beautiful fancy apps? Developing an app Netherlands WhatsApp Number List takes time and money. In addition, most Dutch people prefer to use free apps and not pay for an app.

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The combination of these factors entails the risk that Netherlands WhatsApp Number List pieces of code are reused during the development of the app, without the origin of the code being clear. That can make an app vulnerable to hackers. At the same time, that app, just like the webshop, the online portal. The router and the PC at home, are elements that are connected to the internet and therefore vulnerable.

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For example, have your apps, webshop and portal Netherlands WhatsApp Number List pen tested. With a pen test (in full called a penetration test), ethical hackers search manually and automatically in the broadest possible way for weaknesses in your IT environment. A pen test, therefore, provides insight into the degree of security and therefore also into where you are vulnerable as an organization.


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