atching the participants provide insight into their way of searching, unanswered questions, amazement, frustration and persistence. The research gives the realization that a day out demands a lot from visitors with a disability. In the preparation and Bahamas Phone Number  on the day itself.  He prefers that the information he is looking for is among the other information.


A relaxing day out for everyone

Who doesn’t like going out? A day at the zoo, museum or recreation park is enjoyable for everyone. Having a visual, cognitive or physical Bahamas Phone Number impairment does not prevent people from going out. It often means a little more preparation. Your website and its accessibility play an important role in this.There are approximately 4 million people in the Netherlands . Who have a disability. Can’t find the information someone is looking for? Or is it not even possible to book a ticket if you have a visual impairment?

Bahamas Phone Number

Extensive online user research

An accessible website complies wit h Bahamas Phone Number  international WCAG guidelines . This ensures that you have arranged it technically well in the basics. A user survey mainly revolves around the customer-friendliness of the website: is the correct information provided? Is that information easy to find? How does the visitor experience the website?.

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