A sustainable product is better for people, animals and the environment. You would say: it is not the story, such a product sells itself. Yet that is not self-evident. Marketers of sustainable products have an extra challenge: the price tag. With these Poland Phone Number  tips you convince people to buy sustainable products and you make Poland Phone Numberthe price subordinate to the story.


Tip 1: Answer the question: what’s in it for me?

Get inside your customer’s head. In a world Poland Phone Number where people are constantly tempted to spend their money, it is challenging to stand out. The range is so great that consumers have the luxury of asking themselves: what’s in it for me ? As a marketer, it is important that you answer this in all communications.Here is a good example of the sustainable Poland Phone Number investment platform Corekees. In these social posts, this brand convinces by directly telling the consumer what this investment yields.

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Tip 2: Be transparent and reliable

As a brand you can say that you have a Poland Phone Number fair product and ask a fair price, but you must also be able to demonstrate this. So fact checking ! Your story must be clearly visible, have a solid content and, above all, be understandable. No difficult words, but a clear explanation about the brand, the people behind it and of course the product. What Poland Phone Number exactly is sustainable about your company and your product? What does that fair price mean? Also don’t forget to show the correct quality marks. By being transparent, you create trust.

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