Facebook Ads Manager is an advertising platform owned by Facebook. Its job is to disseminate your ad content on facebook users timeline. In order to start Facebook Ads, of course, you need 2 important and very crucial things.

Ranging from non-technical to technical matters.

1 Non-Technical Things in Facebook Ads Manager
1.1 Learn the Core Benefits of the Products Offered
1.2 Need to know who deserves the benefits
1.3 Start Learning the Technicals of Facebook Ads Manager
1.4 Get into the habit of being an observant observer
1.5 Avoiding Distraction
2 Tutorials on Running Facebook Ads Manager
2.1 Getting Started Business Manager Preparation
2.2 Get to know Facebook Ads Business Manager
2.3 Get to know the ID Business Mangaer
2.4 Studying Business Manager
2.5 Reading the Business Manager Map
Non-Technical Matters in Facebook Ads Manager
Learn the Core Benefits of the Products Offered
There are so many advertisers who fail to pass this phase. Starting from the origin of the advertisement, the origin of selling and not being able to define the core benefits of the product. What are the biggest benefits and how good and useful are the products you offer. Clear and crystallized value will make it easier for you to create a creative that you will later use when entering Facebook Ads. Talking about value, you can also learn from the Business Model Canvas which was invented by Alex Osterwalder and Alan Smith. From the Business Model Canvas, you will later know that in starting and building a business, the first thing to focus on is the value given.

Need to know who deserves the benefits

After succeeding in finding or creating value from the product, the next thing to do is to detail, make a list of who will later say thank you when you successfully convey these benefits. The more you are able to define it, the easier it will be in the advertising process. Unlike the case if you are not sure, make a list of some estimates and assumptions at the beginning. This becomes very important because Facebook Ads is only a medium used to expand the reach of the benefits of the products that you already have to be used by many people. When later Quality Directors Email Lists you are wrong in determining the beneficiaries of the product you have, then your product will be less likely to get a response.

Start Learning Technical Facebook Ads Manager

Quality Directors Email Lists

There are four things to master when you are ready to learn Facebook Ads.

Planning Ads. What are your goals or objectives, the final results you want to achieve and indicators if your ads have been successful.
Placing Ads. You also have to fully understand what Campagin, Adset and Ads are. These three things are the basic structure of placing ads on Facebook Ads.
Read ad report results. Starting from CPM, CTR, CPC< CTA, WC, VC, ATC and so on. Of course this is very fundamental that you must master and learn.
Analyze ad results. To determine whether the condition of the ad that you are running is still eligible to continue.

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