Prestashop add-on, sellers from all over the world will be able Zimbabwe Email List to synchronize their product catalog with Google in order for it to be viewed by the billions of people who use Google every day to buy through their properties. Product attributes, such as price and availability, will be automatically updated every day. Specifically, Prestashop users will be able to display their products in the Google search engine but also in the shopping tab, on YouTube and in Google Images , all with just a few clicks. In addition to easily uploading their products to Google, Prestashop sellers will also be able to create appear in the free Google Shopping listings and create smart shopping advertising campaigns.

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As well as access performance metrics , all without the need to leave the interface. of Prestashop. «We are proud that Prestashop is the first French and European player chosen by Google for this association. With this new add-on, Prestashop continues to deliver the best of technology at the service of companies to easily boost their business on a larger scale, ” said Alexander Pleurisy, CEO of Prestashop. Google Shopping will be free worldwide from mid-October Sure this is great news for marketers who don’t have a clear marketing strategy yet, and at the same time this partnership will strengthen Google’s search engine as an e-commerce destination.

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ultimately helping it compete with other platforms, and of course, attract more advertisers. November 26 is the most anticipated Friday of the year , Black Friday , or for the most international: Black Friday . If you still haven’t found out what we are talking about … get out of your bubble and prepare your credit card because the day par excellence of online shopping (and also offline, why deny it) is here! Black Friday 2021: the great party of online shopping A few years ago, Black Friday was an American thing , until in Spain (where we really like to import foreign traditions) we realized that it is a great idea for two things.

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