A viral marketing strategy basically consists of getting users to transmit. A certain message to each other. And this message. Is so well accepted that people begin to transmit it, similar. To how viruses spread, by the proximity of people. They do it because it’s fun, unusual, provocative, important or because it provides a benefit. And they want their acquaintances to know about it too. They can be friends, relatives or colleagues, everyone loves to share something. They just discovered with someone and so on. The fundamental basis behind viral marketing. Is the well-known fact. That there is no better marketing tool than word of mouth. This is because the best products don’t sell if they don’t reach the hearts and minds of the public.

So the Goal Is to Get People Talking About it.

My brand”. Establishing this honest and open communication is therefore. The most effective alternative because it has credibility because of the source it comes from, since people believe more in the people. They know than in more formal channels of promotion. In the USA BUSINESS FAX LIST past, marketing was unidirectional and revolved around the company’s product. Or service. But now with social networks and marketing 2.0. Companies seek a frank, long-term, round-trip relationship with consumers. Where the company has an almost secondary role and simply sets.

The Triggers for It to Expand Exponentially.


Among the consumers themselves. Elements of a viral marketing. Campaign 1) the message: the message is the most important. Element of viral marketing, if it does not offer seductive content, it will become. A simple advertising message. For this, a message must be created that is convincing enough to spread. Like a virus and that is also easily related. To the brand involved explicitly or implicitly. For a wide variety of items, viral messages with humor themes are the most effective and spread .The most, but care must be taken so that humorous content does not harm the image of the product, service or company. 2) the viral element.

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