On the way in which it reacts on us and not on what it tries to express with its surface. With a little effort you will understand that what I am referring to is none other than Poetry. That is why I prefer to treat photography as a kind of visual poetry. Good or bad applied or not shallow or deep The information surrounded by the rectangle of the photograph cut off from its space and at the moment of its birth is transformed firstly because it has lost its contact with the rest of space and time secondly because the relationship between them has changed thirdly because in the course of time it has intervened the choice of its creator and fourthly for a mysterious reason that is both the privilege of every creation and the joy of ours dealing with it.

If we were dealing

With a photocopy of reality we would have long ago gotten bored and abandoned it. If we were dealing with a scientific analysis of reality Clipping Path Service we would be ashamed of your own weapons and your own power. But we are dealing with a transformation of reality that takes place through a blatant illusion of the truth. Perhaps we are not far from the time when the emperor Charles the Fifth the well known Charles Quint retired to a monastery holding on his chest the portrait of his dead wife that the great Titian had painted without ever having seen her. Thus for us the photograph of a loved one is not his faithful presence nor his replacement. But it initially becomes the fuse of our memory and often ends up being our memory itself. After all this is why photography is charming but also dangerous.

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An important peculiarity

The abstract discourse of photography is that while poetic literary language is based on recognized and accepted points this is not the case or is Email Lead not yet the case with photography. The words that the poet uses are words from a dictionary that as a writer he chooses and uses to create his own language. The reader immediately realizes that these words are  time he understands that the specific use of the words eludes him. In the photograph there are no corresponding points there is no dictionary of photographic terms from which the creator of the image can draw. Thus he is called upon to create both the dictionary and the language at the same time. He becomes not only an artist but also an iconographer. The work is heavy and there are many misunderstandings.

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