I regularly write about boring topics. From the new pension system to self-insurance under the WGA ( say what? ). Do I offend my clients with this? I do not think so. They also know that those subjects are not so juicy. Still, I see it as a challenge to make catchy and accessible content about this. How do I do that? 13 lessons. 1. Save complicated concepts for Hong Kong Phone Number later “ Energy transition is the transition to a situation in which the energy supply is structurally different in nature and form than in the current energy system.” Have I lost your attention already? I understand. Never start an article or video with a difficult term and its explanation.

Save complicated concepts for later

It may seem logical to you to do so. Surely a Hong Kong Phone Number reader must know what the content is about? But that will come later. First, you pull your reader or viewer into your article or video. Then the rest will follow. 2. Forget completeness Catchy content starts with a clear goal. A target. Keep that goal in mind when you create content. If you are dealing with a complex text about the new pension system, you will probably be inclined to give a lot of explanation. Explanation is also important, but keep checking whether it contributes to your goal. Is it really relevant for a reader to know exactly when a particular law came into effect?

Hong Kong Phone Number

Refer to other article For additional Hong Kong Phone Number explanation, you can link to another page on your website. Or you can save your explanation for the next article. This way you layer your content and avoid lengthy texts. Tip: include your client in such decisions. I myself notice that a text often becomes more complicated and longer due to the feedback from my customer. You avoid this by being clear about your goal in advance.

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