The group publisher and executive vice president adds several achievements in recent years. The magazine went from a time of low subscriptions to one of sustained growth on all fronts. Berlin, Germany.  according to Joshua Macht, the Harvard business review. Or better known as is much more than a magazine, it is a sum. Of brands on the web, mobile, tablets, and print. The group publisher and executive vice president . Accumulates several achievements in recent years, the magazine went from. A time of low subscriptions to one of sustained growth on all fronts. Among the most recent successes is record circulation. Increase in CPM and a greater desire of consumers to pay to access their content.

Among the Important Changes Implemented by.

Macht and his team are the creation of tools that support. Each editorial product, for example, the play to win book was accompanied. By a toolkit called play to win strategy toolkit. The last 9 years have been interesting for the with different challenges. According to there are three lessons that stand out and could potentially. Help other companies in the sector. According to USA WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists the manager, a media company. That wants to be relevant in the digital space achieve the following: represent. Something 9 years ago the only published in the print media. And had 200 thousand subscribers with only 200 thousand visits to the site per month. It also had profiles on social networks and generally lacked a digital face. A photograph is very different from the current one.

This Month the Magazine Launched a New Design.

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And has become the reference for executives in companies of all sizes. Be patient. Unlike other outlets, hbr has invested in exercising patience,. Employees have been trained on digital issues, and have been invited. To be part of the new face of the outlet. An important issue is the understanding that success will not be achieved overnight. “People forget that companies like facebook have many years of history. There are no miraculous successes” commented machtobsess with the consumer. All media should focus on the reader. Macht created an internal council to advise the company on the reader. He also eliminated the barriers between marketing and the editorial area.

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