Submits to me for judgment is not measured by the few good ones I keep but by the quality of the ones I reject. It is correct that is to reject photos that stand but that compared to the rest of the same photographer seem weaker. But among the noninteresting ones there are the most and the least interesting or indifferent ones. And here the photographer needs me to make his gaze sharper and his criticism more decisive. The ones I set aside are not as I explained only the alas absolutely uninteresting photographs but usually the relatively uninteresting ones and for this reason they may be selected under another critical expediency. If for example we are submitting photos for an exhibition publication or an overall.

Portfolio review then many

The secondary photos may nicely frame others that are comparatively better. As long as they are part of a related artistic proposal. There is Photo Background Removing of course another reason for my seeming inconsistency when my opinion on the side to which a certain photo should be classified changes from one judgment to the next. It’s exactly what would happen in the potato example above. It would be easy to be completely consistent and clear with very small and very large potatoes. However the boundary that defines one area with another can vary depending on many personal and casebycase parameters. The photo will not cease to be interesting. It’s just that one day it might seem less to me and the next more.  itself the doubt. But there are two other big issues concerning criticism but this time from the photographer’s side.

Photo Background Removing

The first concerns the question

Who or whom one shows photos to and the second how one deals with criticism. If someone wants to show photos during a lesson to their Email Lead teacher they do so as part of the educational process. After the end of a seminar but also in general every photographer no matter how great he is has the need to consult someone or even some but very few who will monitor his work and with small movements will correct his goal. They are in a way his coaches as we would say in sports language. These people are logically few and have the absolute esteem of the judge. If one does not agree on basic values ​​and directions with.

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