The third point to keep in mind is a little less black or white. But if you want to grow your website in the long term, there must be plenty of opportunities to scale. There must be enough to write about and ideally you want to be able to work with a template that can be used for different products/services.That way you can continue to grow and create new Jordan Phone Number content. Below I give examples of niches that are easily scalable and why. Smartphones are a perfect example of a niche that you can easily scale into. There are many different phone brands and providers you can write about. In addition, every brand comes up with new models a few times a year that you can compare and review. You can also go in different directions when it comes to accessories and phone cases.

Buying guides

There is a good chance that you yourself Jordan Phone Number have regularly come across a buying guide during your search for the ideal product. A buying guide is an extensive piece of content in which you help the visitor choose a product by, among other things, telling them which factors he/she should pay attention to. Buying guides are scalable because there are literally hundreds of products to describe.

Jordan Phone Number

To do odd jobs

Do you have two left hands? Then you often have Jordan Phone Number to look up, just like me, how to approach certain things. This could be painting a wall, hanging a painting or re-tiling the bathroom. There are a lot of jobs where people are looking for information about how to do it and what equipment you need for this. Perfect opportunity to put your affiliate products here.

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