Be careful who you do business with Just like on New Zealand WhatsApp Number List a first physical date, you want to feel good with your potential partner. What kind of person is it? Can I safely go out with that person for an evening? Does the person act differently online than in real life? Or is everything cake and egg? More and more companies want to know whether New Zealand WhatsApp Number List their business partners are working safely.

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Logical: if you invest millions in shares of a New Zealand WhatsApp Number List company, you do not want to run the risk that the stock market value plummets due to a cyber crisis. But it also plays an increasingly important role in the choice of suppliers. After all, a cyber attack can last for weeks and all that time nothing is delivered. An additional risk is that if your supplier is hit by a cyber incident, this may also make you vulnerable.

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Apart from this direct damage, you as an organization also have to deal with damage to name and reputation. The Chamber of Commerce, the police website with malicious trading parties, but also a NEN 27001 certificate or a sector-specific NEN standard can help to determine whether an organization is reliable to a certain extent.

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