In this way, it offers up to a 94% discount Cyprus Email Addresses from 12 pm on November 26, until November 30; this in products such as My Website Creator and My Website eCommerce: whose subscription plan Cyprus Email Addresses becomes € 5 per month each for a period of 6 months, at the same amount but for twice as long, that is, 12 months. Shopping on social networks is an unstoppable trend Cyprus Email Addresses, especially given the arrival of live shopping that has positioned itself as one of the best marketing techniques that offers immediacy and engagement with Cyprus Email Addresses consumers, and like Instagram, Facebook, Interest and TikTok, now Twitter introduces its new live commerce feature.

Users Were Waiting For Longer Stories

This will be the new Twitter live Cyprus Email Addresses commerce function According to the Twitter statement , this option seeks to promote eCommerce on the social network, at the same time that it will complement other Cyprus Email Addresses options available on its platform, such as banners or ads in comments. Its live commerce will allow users to tune in to the live broadcast, with the option to purchase the products that will be shown Cyprus Email Addresses under the video. With this presentation, users can join the live tweet thread about the event, and browse the “latest” tab with a preview of the products, or access the “buy” tab that will redirect users Cyprus Email Addresses to the store or brand that is broadcasting live.

Cyprus Email Addresses

A New Step Towards A Simpler And More Creative Instagram

All this without ceasing Cyprus Email Addresses to view the video at any time, which will be displayed in a smaller window while the user adds products to their shopping cart and makes the payment. Twitter has ensured that Cyprus Email Addresses it will not keep any percentage of the income from purchases made through this live commerce format on its platform, and that brands will not pay to be included either. The idea behind this launch is that offering Cyprus Email Addresses live streaming purchases will attract more people to join the social network, which in recent years has had problems growing its number of users. Live streaming eCommerce, the format Cyprus Email Addresses that is revolutionizing online sales in China Jason Loader and Walmart.

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