What information you cannot share on Twitter Cayman Islands Email Addresses It should be noted that this new addition to the regulations of the social network does not affect those profiles of public figures, since in these cases their image is already in the public domain, although, if the images of these cases are shared for purposes of harassment, Cayman Islands Email Addresses intimidation it is possible that Cayman Islands Email Addresses the social network team will take action on the matter. In the words of the social network: “When we are notified by the represented persons or an authorized Cayman Islands Email Addresses representative that they did not consent to the sharing of their private image or video, we will delete it.

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This policy does not Cayman Islands Email Addresses apply to media featuring public figures or individuals when the media and accompanying Tweet text are shared in the public interest or add value to public discourse. Cayman Islands Email Addresses However, if the purpose of the dissemination of private images of public figures or people who are part of public conversations is to harass, intimidate or use fear to silence them, we Cayman Islands Email Addresses may remove the content in accordance with our policy against abusive behavior. Similarly, private nude images of public persons will continue to be processed under our non-consensual nudity policy. We recognize Cayman Islands Email Addresses that there are instances where account holders may share images or videos of private individuals in an effort to assist someone involved in a crisis situation.

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Such as after a violent Cayman Islands Email Addresses event or as part of a newsworthy event due to the public interest. value, and this could outweigh the safety risks for a person. We will always try to assess the Cayman Islands Email Addresses context in which content is shared and in such cases we may allow images or videos to remain on the service. For example, we would take into account if the image is publicly available and / or is being covered by traditional Cayman Islands Email Addresses/ mainstream media (newspapers, TV channels, online news sites), or if a particular image and the text of the tweet that Accompanying it adds value to public Cayman Islands Email Addresses discourse, is shared in the public interest or is relevant to the community.

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