Inseparable – coca-cola’s beautiful tribute to mom shared on facebook. Share on Linkedin Share on WhatsApp Share on Pinterest 08/05/2015 today in marketing., marketing, digital marketing, advertising was written by editorial table merca2.0 coca-cola. Presents its new campaign in tribute to mothers. With the title of inseparable, the brand refers to the bond between mother and son. With an interactive video in spanish and english, in which a brief journey through. The life of a mother with her daughter is made, from the moment she picks her up. Newborn until she has her grandson. In addition, the video ends with a message.”On this mother’s day, give your mom the gift she loves the most call her.”

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To their mothers totally free on behalf of the company. The only downside is that the call must originate from a number in the united states or Puerto Rico. However, if you are in one of these two places you can call anywhere in the world. A spokeswoman for the Buy Azerbaijan WhatsApp Numbers brand points out that: “at coca-cola, we honor all the hard work that being a mother implies, this video is a tribute to them and to remind everyone how special they are to us, no matter if they live on the same block. Or on the other side of the world, that you can call it is the way that

Coca-cola Wants to Create a Moment of Happiness

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For both of us.” here we bring you the promotional spot, it was uploaded to youtube and is 40 seconds long. In the two weeks, it has been online, it has received more than 13,000 visits. However, in order to understand how “Interactive” it is, you should visit the web page at the end of this note. But we anticipate that you can change the perspective of the video from the point of view of the mother, the daughter, and even the grandson. watch? If you want to see the short interactively and obtain more information.

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