The online financial institution ing direct has recorded a gross profit of nine million. Euros in the first quarter of this year. This result represents a decrease of 30.7% with respect to that obtained. In the same period of 2007, which was 13 million euros. This apparent setback is attributed to the strong investment that the bank has assumed during. The aforementioned months in an ambitious advertising. Campaign, although this has not prevented ing ‘s management from assessing very positively. The objective reached at the beginning of 2008, depending on the volume of new clients captured. As a consequence of this marketing strategy.Then the one that has brought the bank with the “Orange account” to first place.

Obtained No Less Than a Million in Managed Funds.

In the quarter, reaching 22,500 million, and getting 46,000 new clients. To contract their payroll account. César gonzález-bueno himself, executive president of ing, has described. The result as one of the best in the entire. History of the Portugal B2B List popular “Orange bank”. This virtual entity already has more than 1.68 million customers, of which 21% operate daily and qualify. It as their main bank. In the liabilities account, the dutch .Firm has transferred 15,600 million in funds under management, 5% more than at the end of 2007.Then the one that has brought the bank with the “Orange account” to first place.

Mortgage Credit Registered an Increase of.

Portugal B2B List

Reaching 6,194 million. It is obvious that ing direct has taken. The path of betting heavily on a strategyadvertising that is allowing. It to strengthen its market position against the competition, which watches helplessly. As this bank establishes itself in a place of clear leadership in the online financial market. Ing seems to have taken the lead and whoever wants to approach. It will have to risk and assume a marketing strategy perhaps even more courageous. Then the one that has brought the bank with the “Orange account” to first place.

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