Engagement is consumer interaction with your brand or product. This engagement is important for you to build in order to create a good relationship with your potential customers.

What you can do is create educational content, behind-the-scenes content in product creation, discussion with experts, or you can also provide other tips that can be useful for your potential customers.

4. IGTV is Helpful in Making Branding Easier

The existence of IGTV makes it possible for you to be creative when making promotional videos such as determining video topics or other supporting aspects.

You can use this in conveying branding messages. For example, displaying product advantages, introducing your business, promoting your product, and promoting your company, etc. So, you can package branding content for your business through your channel or IGTV on your Instagram.



5. IGTV can be used for cross promotion
In addition to some of the benefits already mentioned, IGTV can also do cross promotions to other social media.

For example, you can direct the Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists audience on your IGTV to your website, subscribe to your youtube channel, or to an invitation to follow an event you organize, etc.

So that promotional activities become more leverage.


How to Make IGTV


You can easily do IGTV by following the short steps below.

Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists

Make sure to use Instagram for business
Instagram Business has several excellent features such as instagram insights, instagram ads, email and contact buttons, and business categories.

Making IGTV Videos According to the Rules
In order for IGTV Videos to turn out good, you need to follow the rules of making IGTV videos. Some of the rules for making this IGTV video include:

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