For those who are passionate about viral marketing , this new initiative may be interesting. In addition to testing our knowledge of this marketing discipline.”Stop showing off and show what you know” is the slogan used. By this initiative to induce us to test our knowledge through. An internet microsite that will propose different. Questions as a test that we must answer. If you are the one who more knows you will attend. The iman 2008 awards ceremony. In barcelona on june 12 with the person you want. Dinner and party included. And if you are the one who knows the least, don’t worry, you will attend for free. All the conferences of the great professionals of the sector at next marketing.

The Reference Fair for Direct and Interactive Marketing.

On june 11 and 12, also in barcelona. Let’s see if you learn something. Remember that you only have until june 1. Luck! More information www.Soyelquemassabedemarketingviralthe microsoft company. Has opted for viral marketing for the new campaign to promote. The Haiti B2B List popular xbox video game ” halo 3 “. Under the title, “The master chief is looking for a girlfriend”, this viral marketing. Campaign starring covenant , the main character of this game, aims to find their better half. Through an internet contest where users can send their declaration. Of love in video format. The campaign, launched to coincide with valentine’s day.

Has Managed to Exceed 15,000 Views of Its Promotional.

Haiti B2B List

Video and exceeding 22,000 visits to its microsite. Created for the occasion through msn. The contest will end on march 11. Date on which the name of the winner will be made public. Who will be chosen based on the number of visits and popularity of the video sent. More information the master chief is looking for a girlfriend tags microsoft viral marketing. Master chief seeks girlfriend xbox halo 3recommended. There is no turning back now for addressable advertising. Linear television’s great hope of salvation television there is no turning back now for.

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