To start Twitter Spaces, you must first meet the requirements as a host which is to have a minimum of 600 followers and an unprotected account. If you meet the Space host requirements , you can start a chat room as a . Well, here are the steps to start Twitter Spaces as a host .

1. Create Chat Rooms (Spaces)

The first step to using Twitter Spaces is to create a chat room or Spaces as a host . Well, the way you have to do to get started is quite easy. Here’s how to create Spaces on Twitter as a host .

  • Access Twitter Spaces by pressing the write Tweet icon until four options appear. Click the Spaces icon to access Space as a host . If you’re accessing it via iOS, access Spaces by long-pressing the compose Tweet icon or your account’s profile picture .
  • After successfully accessing Twitter Spaces, the next step is to create a Space or chat room name. In addition to the chat room name, you are also asked to select up to three chat topics. Well, if you want to record a chat, please activate the Record Space feature.
  • If you have, you can start your Space right away or schedule it by clicking the Start your Space button. Don’t forget to activate your microphone by clicking the button provided.
  • After that, you can set who can speak in those Spaces. You can do this setting by clicking the Adjust Settings icon. In that section, there are three choices of speakers, namely everyone , followers and invite only .

2. Invite Speakers 

After you set up access for who can speak, you can then invite speakers via the people icon on the Space home page.

After clicking the icon, you can Controlling Directors Email Lists then add speakers by clicking the add speakers button . Well, here you can invite anyone up to 10 people. If you have selected 10 people, please click the invite button below.

3. Invite Listeners

Controlling Directors Email Lists

Once all speakers have been invited to your chat room, the next step to starting these Twitter Spaces is to invite listeners . Well, you can send this invitation via direct message (DM), Tweet or copy the link to be distributed to other social media .

4. Start a Chat

Well, if everything has been set up and the speakers and listeners have entered the chat room, then you can start these Spaces. During the chat, you can set who will speak at that time.

In addition, you can also give permission to the audience who submits a request to speak. However, this feature can only be done if you set the speaker to everyone or followers .

Interestingly, if there are speakers or listeners who are not conducive, you can remove them by clicking the remove icon next to their username .

5. Ending the Chat

If you and the audience and speakers have finished the chat, please end the Spaces by clicking the end button in the room. Well, if you previously chose to record Space, you can share it with your followers via writing a Tweet.

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