The first thing you need to do when starting social media marketing is to do some research. So, what kind of research needs to be done?

You can research which types of social media are trending, especially in Indonesia.

Based on information from who reviewed data on internet and social media trends for 2020 in Indonesia which he obtained from hootsuite, the first rank of the most widely used social media in Indonesia is Youtube as much as 88% of the total population. Then in second place there are Whatsapp users as much as 84%, then Facebook as much as 82% and in 4th place, Instagram as much as 79%.

From here, you can already see which market potential is suitable for your business to be maximized with references to 4 social media platforms.

How to Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing
How to do Social Media Marketing Strategy
Each social media platform has its own way of improving your product or service, for example, how to reach customers, when to post, how to interact, etc.

Well, to better understand the strategy for doing social media marketing, it’s a good idea to learn social media marketing techniques on each of the following social media platforms:

Use an Instagram Marketing Strategy
Currently, many businesses are promoting their products using Instagram. This is because the results of product promotion using Instagram are considered to be able to produce satisfactory results for some business people.

According to , 72% of people decide to buy a product based on what they see on Instagram.

If you are interested in maximizing Australia Accountant Email Lists your marketing strategy with Instagram, you can try tips on doing social media marketing using Instagram with the steps below:

Turn your personal business account on Instagram into a Business Account

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Optimizing your business profile such as choosing an easily recognizable username, using your brand profile photo, writing an interesting bio

and entering a website link in your bio.
Start creating content with customized types of posts on Instagram, for example Instagram feeds, Instagram stories,

Instagram live, and Instagram TV
Optimize your Instagram feed such as posting pictures or educational videos about your products,

posting pictures or videos from influencers promoting your products,

posting pictures of holidays etc.
Use Instagram stories such as to announce your new product or update information about promos/discounts, conduct polls, interact with followers,

lead users to your website with the swipe up feature, etc.
Use Instagram Live to increase interaction or engagement with your followers. With this feature, you can create programs such as talk shows,

new product announcements, and record an ongoing event.
Use Instagram TV, which makes it easy for your followers to watch long videos. So if you have video content that contains serialized information, you can take advantage of this Instagram TV.
Make an interesting caption
Create unique hashtags and add popular hashtags relevant to your business
Do research scheduling posts at the right time

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