And we’ve added cross post feed posts from Facebook Singapore Email List to Instagram, making it easy to share your Facebook stories and messages with your audience on Instagram, too. » Finally, they have also brought an update for Facebook Watch. From this, users will have the possibility to create new content whenever they feel inspired, just by giving a few clicks from the same Watch feed , Facebook’s video platform. One of the most outstanding products of the evolution that we have seen in the electronic commerce sector in recent years has been social eCommerce. This type of eCommerce takes advantage of the growth and penetration that social platforms have today to boost business sales.

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In addition to being a more efficient means of creating a community and interacting closely with consumers. This modality has marked a milestone in the Asian market, where its use has expanded widely thanks to the interactions between large retailers such as Alibaba and social networks. Based on this acceptance, social eCommerce has begun to gain a place in the western economy. Especially in social networks like Facebook or TikTok , generating a new impulse for electronic commerce and resizing its growth. In view of this, the payment solutions platform, SeQura , has launched a study on how to sell products through these platforms. Download the study here! How to boost eCommerce sales through Facebook.

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TikTok In the study SeQura provides a perspective on the trend of social eCommerce from these two main platforms: Facebook and TikTok. The first of these being one of the most important with an estimated of more than 3,000 million users. And, on the other hand, the network of short videos originally from China that has grown exponentially in the last two years, reaching 315 million downloads. Based on them, he also presents a series of tips on how to design a sales strategy for each particular network. In which it covers different aspects, such as the creation of an account or page, and the development of content that helps boost the business.

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