For those of you social media users, you must be very familiar with the hashtag or hashtag (#). In short, a hashtag is a tag that begins with the fence symbol (#). Well, usually this hashtag is used by social media users to convey one particular topic.

But, the use of this hashtag is also very useful for business

you know. In fact, not a few brands use hashtags on social media to popularize their campaigns or products. To make your brand more widely known, understand what hashtags are and how to apply them in social digital marketing for your business.

1 Hashtags Are Hashtags
2 Benefits of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing
2.1 Hashtags Introduce More Brands
2.2 Increase Engagement
2.3 Adding Another Context in One Post
3 Ways to Apply Hashtags in Social Media Marketing
3.1 Competitor Hashtag Analysis
3.2 Track Hashtag Popularity
3.3 Use Hashtags Moderately
4 Conclusion
Hashtags Are Hashtags
hashtags are

What are hashtags ? Hashtags Software Managers Email Lists are tags containing keywords that begin with a hash symbol (#) and are written without spaces. Actually, the tags in this hashtag don’t always contain keywords. Sometimes, there are some users who create hashtags to voice a campaign or just ordinary words.

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Software Managers Email Lists

To be sure, the main use of this hashtag is as a categorization of content on various platforms. Well, social media is the platform that uses hashtags the most . In fact, this hashtag has become like an obligation for its users so that their content can reach more audiences like on Instagram.

There are actually various types of hashtags , depending on the function or purpose of use. However, there are at least 4 types of hashtags that are often used by users, both in business and for public accounts. The following are 4 types of hashtags that are often used by social media users.

Trending hashtags , this type is the most frequently used by social media users, both for business and ordinary public accounts. Trending hashtags are a type of hashtag that has a large search volume because it is related to trending issues. For example #BlackFriday, #bigbangcomeback, and others.
Niche hashtags , as the name implies, this one hashtag is a hashtag that matches the type of content of the account. Usually, this hashtag is often used by brands to reach a wider audience or potential customers . In addition, this type of hashtag is also often used by the community.
Brand hashtags , this type of hashtag is a hashtag that reflects a brand , it can be from its name or slogan. In addition, this hashtag is also often used to categorize business places. For example, #IDwebhost, #WebhostingyaIDwebhostaja and #erigomalang.
Hashtag campaign , apart from promoting products and brands , another type of hashtag is to voice a campaign . This hashtag is also often used by influencers or businesses to invite many people to do something. Examples of hashtag campaigns are #SaveTheEarth, #YukKurangiPlastik and others.

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