From the explanation at the beginning, it says that you must know how to create Instagram Shopping to be able to use this one feature. However, before knowing how to create Instagram Shopping, you must first know the conditions for creating it. Here are some requirements that you must fulfill first.

The business location is in an area that has released the Instagram Shopping feature.

The product meets the requirements of Instagram.

The business complies and complies with the trade agreements and trade terms of Instagram (Facebook).
Have a website
If all these requirements have been met, then you can start the steps in how to create Instagram Shopping. Here’s how to create Instagram Shopping for your online business .


Turn Instagram into a Business Account – How to Make Instagram Shopping
The first thing you have to do in how to create Instagram Shopping is to convert your Instagram account into a business account.

This must be done considering the Administration Directors Email Lists Instagram Shopping feature can only be used by business people. To create an Instagram business account as a condition for Instagram Shopping, the method is quite easy.

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Administration Directors Email Lists

Just login to your Instagram account and change the account to a professional account in the settings menu in the ‘ Account ‘ section . After that, your account will be able to use the Instagram Shopping feature.

Creating a Website – How to Make Instagram Shopping
One of the important requirements in creating Instagram Shopping is that your business must have a business website where you sell various products. If you don’t have one, please create your own website or e-commerce business first.

A business website is important for you to have because later this Instagram Shopping feature will direct your audience to buy on the website . In addition, make sure your business website has activated the e-commerce feature so that buyers can make purchases easily.

Connect Facebook Page Account
In addition to creating a website , the next step you have to do in making Instagram Shopping is to create a Facebook page.

This is also a requirement for your business to be able to use Instagram Shopping features. In the Facebook page, you can add a catalog of your business products.

How to create and connect a Facebook page to your own Instagram Business account is also quite easy. Go to the edit profile section on Instagram and search for ‘ Public Business Information ‘. After that, please select ‘ Page ‘ to connect your account to the Facebook page that has been created.

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