I have worked hard to make Canada Email Address List sure this company can move away from its foundation and its founders. There are three reasons why I think now is the right time, ” explained Dorsey. Pa rag Allegra Canada Email Address List to be the new CEO of Twitter One of the reasons Dorsey decides to step down is that Pa rag Allegra, current CTO of the social network, is poised to take over as CEO of Twitter. “He has been my Canada Email Address List choice for some time, as he knows and understands in depth what this company is and needs. Pa rag has been behind every critical decision that has helped turn around the company ” . Allegra, Canada Email Address List 37, was CTO since 2017, and has been on Twitter for more than a decade.

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Previously, he had been in charge Canada Email Address List of the strategy involving artificial intelligence and machine learning, and has led projects to make tweets on users’ timelines more relevant to them. In fact, Dorsey said in Canada Email Address List his statement that Allegra was chosen to lead the company because “he has a deep understanding of the company and its needs.” Dorsey will continue as head of Twitter’s board of directors Canada Email Address List until 2022 Another reason he has given to confirm this decision now, after which Dorsey will continue as a member of the board until his term of the shareholders meeting expires in May Canada Email Address List, explains that the current president and COO of Salesforce, Bret Taylor , will succeed Dorsey as head of Twitter’s board of directors.

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“Having Bret in that leadership Canada Email Address List role gives me a lot of confidence in the strength of the board to move forward.” Finally, the third of the reasons refers to the example offered by this change to the Twitter team, putting Parag Agrawal as a success story of an employee who has developed his full potential in the company. Canada Email Address List But this isn’t the first time Dorsey has stepped down as CEO – he was nearly ousted last year when Paul Singer, founder of Elliott Management, a Twitter shareholder, questioned whether Dorsey Canada Email Address List should run two listed companies , referring to Twitter and Square Canada Email Address List, a financial company similar to Paypal since it operates both for consumers and corporate clients with payment and transfer services.

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