Currently, almost all social media provide facilities for users who have businesses with special features, one of which is Instagram. Through a business account, you can use the Instagram Shopping feature to market and promote your products more easily. To be able to use it, you must understand how to create Instagram Shopping .

This is because you can’t just use this one feature like other features on Instagram. There are several important requirements that must be met to be able to activate the Instagram Shopping feature .

In order to use it well, first understand about this feature and how to create Instagram Shopping.


We can all see how many MSMEs are selling on Instagram and other social media. Social media is like their first place to sell their business products.

Instagram then made the Instagram Shopping feature in 2020 to support the business of its users. Then, what is the Instagram Shopping feature?

Instagram Shopping is a feature that Payroll Directors Email Lists can provide a shopping experience in e-commerce through social media. Just like e-commerce in general, you can create a product catalog and display it in your storefront.

What makes it different is how you can tag multiple products in one photo

Payroll Directors Email Lists

You can tag products in photo feeds or on Instagram Stories.

Through this tag , you can display the name, price of the product and direct the audience to make a purchase. Judging from its usefulness, this feature is certainly important for the running of your business.

Why is the Instagram Shopping feature important? This is because you can run two business activities at once. Instagram is usually used as a place to build brand awareness and promote business to the audience. However, when an audience wants to make a purchase, they must exit the app and go to your business website.

This of course troubles the audience who is your target market. With Instagram Shopping, you can easily build brand awareness , promote and sell products in one post .

Thus, it is easier for the audience to make a purchase by clicking on the tag on each product in the post .

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