Should a company or brand buy fans or shouldn’t they? Should a company or brand buy fans or shouldn’t they? How useful is it to buy fans for a brand or. Company Many companies  with increasing . Their community of followers on different social channels as soon as possible and in any way. For different reasons… the competition has more. Their target is the number. That is why they choose to buy them and thus grow “easily” quickly. Now then, does it really serve them to generate more sales or other conversions? Will your community help them to position the brand and help it to continue growing? The answer is quite simple, if they are real, they can help you. But if they are false, not always has recently on Instagram


we will analyze it later). Buy real followers There are tools that allow us to buy real followers on Instagram. In fact, it is not that you buy them as such. They work as follows: They use bots or people who interact (giving likes, writing messages, following them…) with the followers of accounts and hashtags that you indicate. Several hours a day. This way they achieve that your number of fans increases considerably in a short time. At the end of the campaign, the usual thing is that they stop following the accounts they have followed in order to obtain a good fan/follower ratio and transmit a relevant image. Then it will depend on your good work to retain that community. They can unfollow you after a short time if what you post is not of interest or brings them anything. But the thing does not stop there.

Companies Must Study In A Deeper Way The Communities

You carry out a segmentation (people of X age Armenia Email List with certain interests, geographical area…), establish the budget you want to invest and show that audience an ad so that they follow you. The results here depend more on you. That is, how well you know how to refine the message and the image based on the people you want to reach. buy fake followers Then we also have the possibility to buy lots of fans (“by weight”). They are not usually very expensive and they sell them by quantity, the more quantity they usually get more profitable (economically speaking). However, in principle, with this option (which is one of the most used) you will not generate a real community. They are fake accounts (that’s why many people have Arab, Asian followers..

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with weird names). That said, lately it’s been said that it can work on Instagram. We explain it… as a result of buying a good number of fake followers, many accounts manage to grow quickly organically. It is something that has been seen in recent weeks (some studies were published). Now, in theory, Instagram fights against fake accounts. And on some occasion he “cleaned” (although later not as much as it should). So if they decide to fight this trend, you may lose your entire “community.” On Facebook, Twitter… these lots are also sold. But currently the social network par excellence for influencers is Instagram. Should an influencer buy fans or shouldn’t they? Should an influencer buy fans or shouldn’t they? What does an influencer get by buying fans An influencer gets visibility and brands give him gifts or sponsors.

Facebook Ads Also Offers The Possibility

In fact, it could be said that it is possible to create “influencers” based on a checkbook (if there is also content to show later). In short, for an influencer it is still an investment and if everyone does it… it is not easy to be left behind. Buy real fans This option would be the commented for companies or brands. With tools for buying followers that work through interaction and do not guarantee an exact figure, but a range (for example, with €100, then from 3 to 5 thousand fans). Buy fake fans Is it of any use? As strange as it sounds, it is. Many brands and agencies still fall into the trap and do not carry out a very exhaustive analysis when establishing commercial relationships with influencers.

Therefore, as long as there is no such awareness or a generalized tool in common use that indicates if the followers are real or not, many influencers will choose to do this. That said, if the bulk of the community isn’t real, it’s still a house of cards and it can come crashing down. Ideally, a good part of the fans are real, people who follow you because they are interested in your content and what you do. Conclusions of the purchase of fans in social networks Conclusions of the purchase of fans in social networks Buying fans is widespread Real fans and fake followers can be bought. It is recommended that they be real, but… it seems that, sometimes, a few fake ones can help bring in other real ones (although this is a risk and has not been proven at a general level either)

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