In its tweets, the French company invites users Catalan Email List to interact with the publication by offering help for those cases in which a loved one makes annoying noises while eating. The campaign consisted of three high-quality short videos, showing the day-to-day life of a teenager. And, to optimize the engagement of the videos, they opted for Twitter Ads to promote the advert with the best performance of the three, reaching an estimated 30 million views among the three videos. Al Watania Agriculture and Sama Meridian Another prominent campaign was the one presented by the Saudi agriculture company Al Tanzanian and the advertising agency Sana Meridian.

Is there any difference compared to other markets?

With this, the companies hoped to raise awareness about the agriculture company, while attracting new customers and improving sales. To accomplish this, the campaign presented a video on the tomato harvest season in Saudi fields. In addition, they incorporated a human factor into the campaign, with the presentation of workers in their daily work. With which they managed to boost the interest of a community that can feel identified with them. That said, the company achieved the expected result as the campaign fostered a 50% growth in sales. This compared to what was achieved through advertising in other media.

Catalan Email List

they used other Twitter tools, such as the conversation button , with which they achieved an engagement rate of 44.22% . Hoka y Jellyfish These last two years have been a very difficult time for healthcare professionals, especially for nurses who were on the front lines with the virus. In response to this situation, the sports brand Hoka and the advertising agency Jellyfish launched a campaign to celebrate the work of these professionals and generate consideration within the public conversation. As a sports brand, Hoka generally focuses its strategies on athletes, but during the Covid-19 situation, health union workers were the most prominent figures due to their hard work.

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