In the first place . Retailers have grown wary of partnering with. The company because they don’t want to share .In the first place . Revenue or customer relationships. It’s not clear if the promised benefits of making it easy. For mid-sized and Philippines Phone Number smaller grocery retailers to beef up their .Omnichannel capabilities via instacart platform will outweigh these concerns. As a matter of fact. Pacvue, skai and flywheel are the initial ad-tech firms with .Access to kroger’s api, while wpp’s Philippines Phone Number groupm media-buying arm is an early agency .Partner testing the capability. The idea is to make it easier .To run and manage .On-site kroger campaigns using outside retail media platforms. That are already popular with brands and agencies. Kroger said that expanding ad-tech options complements. Continued traction for sponsored product listings. Nearly 2,000 brands now use kpm’s product listings and. 38% of clicks driven.

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In the first place . By the format come from households that. Are new to the brand, per kpm’s internal data. Dive insight: kpm has made a point of positioning its retail media business around. Flexibility for advertisers. Opening the Philippines Phone Number option to buy ads via third-party campaign management platforms further shores up that approach and could. Court brands that are already familiar with pacvue, skai and flywheel. As a matter of fact. Three popular players .In the Philippines Phone Number budding retail media category. As a matter of fact. Cpg marketers have been ramping up their .Spending on retail media as e-commerce adoption explodes .And the looming deprecation of cookies .Mandates a change in thinking around ad targeting. While a greater variety .Of digital platforms to advertise on could be viewed as a positive.

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In the first place . Development, some companies have expressed. Concerns that retailers are standing up their own version of walled gardens. Kpm has tried to allay such concerns by emphasizing a focus. As a matter of fact. On media transparency and accountability. Offering more choice. On the tech end could also Philippines Phone Number accelerate growth for advertising formats that are already gaining traction, such as sponsored product listings. As a matter of fact. expanding access through ad-management platforms will unlock even .Greater discovery, help brands. Measure the impact of their advertising and ultimately improve. As a matter of fact. How consumers Philippines Phone Number engage with those brands,” said michael schuh, vice president of media strategy at kpm at 84.51°, in a press statement. As a matter of fact. Kroger, which is the largest grocery chain I. As a matter of fact.  is promoting product listing ads as an effective way for brands to break through to new consumers on the crowded digital aisle. As a matter of fact. The company serves around .60 million households annually and.

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