Should I trust them with my money? Do your content marketing efforts answer this question? They should. The content marketing understanding that we pass on to financial advisors revolves around solving just that. We can venture effectively into content marketing tactics like eBooks and white papers. Or build an expert webinar or podcast that will eventually build credibility for your business. Content marketing don’t just stop at a well-designed website or even a well-articulated blog post. Content marketing for financial advisors runs deeper for consumers than it does in other industries. Your content marketing efforts need to answer the question every single one of your customers is askin.

If you’re a financial planner or are in the financial game, a jolt in your content marketing strategy may be exactly what your business needs right now. All it takes a few good content marketing for financial advisors’ ideas to interest your customers and pull them into your marketing funnel. Content marketing is an important process in promoting your financial planning business to prospective clients. Meaning they only create new content and share it across their channels when a particular need arises or they want to promote a new product/service. This is a very defensive approach that we don’t recommend. It is important to be proactive when planning content marketing for financial advisors. You want your content to add value to your customers in a way where they see it as a benefit to doing business with you.

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In a separate study, close to 94% of respondents said they looked for online reviews before making a purchase decision. Us they have a domain authority of 86 and monthly traffic in the range of 10 million. It is no surprise that Nerd Wallet is one of the top websites Americans frequent for financial tips. Everything from which credit cards give the best bonuses to which home Estonia phone numbers loans have the lowest interest rates. And everything in between. The biggest thing to note here lies in their ability to identify what issues their customers might be facing in the real world and helping to solve just that. blog content Kabbage Stories In a research study by Harvard, researchers concluded that nearly 88% of online purchase decisions were influenced by online reviews.

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Take a look at what they have done and think about how it can be applied to your brand. JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Interactive Maps All it took Chase was a few visuals and an interactive web page that displays a graph depending on the viewer’s location. content marketing for financial advisors It is important to understand that financial planning is still quite local at least for the average American. Also, it will definitely increase your search engine rankings and boost your organic visibility. A quick meeting with our content marketing team can very well solve your content problems. But to put things into perspective first, we decided to lay out a few examples of companies that… …understand the benefits of content marketing for financial advisors correctly.

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Financial advisors understand this but sometimes fall behind when it comes to their content marketing. Just giving out tips and ideas can become redundant after a while. It is important to stay current with the tide and discuss market trends and how they may affect your customers. A prime example can be a financial advisor in Florida putting time and effort into sending out a best practices email to all his local customers before a band strike. Customers in the financial industry want live updates and a hands-on approach with their money. Always. There is no set and forget when it comes to managing someone’s money. You are accountable even more than any other industry.

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