Indicate that Google has manipulated its search results to ensure that. Its own services are located in the results above rivals. Even when it comes to lower results. Importance to users. Related notes: the 6 steps recommended by google’s hr vp to succeed. In any job interview, google opens its first physical store google repents and allows images. By the WSJ, a medium that has uncovered an unpublished report. On google’s behavior according to its internet search engine.  The search engine’s actions to improve the positioning. Of its own shopping, travel, and local business services. By altering the normal criteria established to classify search results.

To This Would Be Added the One That Has Degraded.

The position of its rivals to prevent them from being a threat. To its own interests. Among the examples presented in the ftc. Investigation the results of flight searches are mentioned. So that they appeared above other travel agencies, despite having and offering much fewer options to Buy Poland WhatsApp Numbers internet users. Likewise, in the case of purchases, google shopping is the option that always appears. Above the results of other price comparison sites. This situation raises great fears for its competitors and regulatory bodies. Since google has more services to offer users every day, such as its recent offer of car insurance comparator.

Through Spokespersons Has Stated That No Evidence.

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Has been found that the search results have been manipulated. While explaining that its algorithm changes about 500 times a year. According to what they declare, to help users internet users to find what. They are looking for on the internet. And its purpose would be to benefit users and not web pages, although they do not hide that their services offer more information. To the user more quickly, something they know is very. Important for today’s mobile users. The search engine defends itself alleging that it is contradictory that the ftc. Has not sanctioned them for manipulating its search results and then the wall street journal reveals unpublished. Reports where it talks about these practices of abuse of its dominant position.

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