Google continues Anguilla Email List to insist on its goal of improving its search engine and a few days before the end of 2021 it has officially launched a new autocomplete format, which is displayed as a second column Anguilla Email List that will be displayed on its home page, and which includes related suggestions with keywords from the user’s search, which can provide a quick and easy access Anguilla Email List to content related to the user’s query. In addition to confirming the launch of the double column autocomplete format, Google reported that it is testing a new full-screen Anguilla Email List autocomplete interface, as well as other elements for the desktop search interface . The double column autocomplete format is already active in Google search This new format has been in its trial version since last Augus.

The double column autocomplete format is already active in Google search

Now it has been officially Anguilla Email List launched for all users. To activate the option of double column auto completion, you only have to do a search in Google, and click on the search bar only once, so that the menu Anguilla Email List appears in which you will see the search suggestions as a list under the word or words that you have captured, and next to it the questions related to the search, as well as some extra suggestions Anguilla Email List, which include a section on “other user questions” with websites or Anguilla Email List entities that are related to the query, as you can see in the following image.

Anguilla Email List

This is how full screen auto completion works

This is how full screen auto completion works Google also confirmed Anguilla Email List the trial version of another variation of autocomplete, which the same internet giant calls “edge-to-edge” , since it has a presentation in which the search box is directly mixed with the other Anguilla Email List elements of the search page. Search results. To summarize: Google removed the border around the box in which the search query is entered , creating an “edge-to-edge” effect with Anguilla Email List the rest of the search results as you can see in the following image. SEO specialist Raven Sharma shared on Twitter: This change is in line with the launch of the full-screen local and map results Anguilla Email List interface in search that Google launched a while ago.

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