Google Shopping will be Armenia Email List free worldwide from mid-October Sure this is great news for marketers who don’t have a clear marketing strategy yet, and at the same time this partnership will strengthen Google’s search engine as an e-commerce destination, ultimately helping it compete with other platforms, and of course, attract more Armenia Email List advertisers. As mobile has become the device of choice for millions of Internet users both for accessing applications and for searching, deploying a mobile search index has been a priority for the Internet giant Armenia Email List. However, the Mobile First Index application will have to wait. Google announces Armenia Email List that the Mobile First Index application will no longer have a deadline Google’s journey to implement the Mobile First Index began several years ago.

Google announces that the Mobile First Index application will no longer have a deadline

Although in early Armenia Email List 2020 was when the internet giant began to set a deadline for its integration. Thus, the first date mentioned was September of the same year. This with the idea of ​​simplifying the transition towards an ecosystem better adapted to browsing from mobile devices. However, for July 2020 the company announced that its Armenia Email List application would be deferred by default on all websites to March 2021, Armenia Email List although this date passed … and it was not carried out. In response to this, Google announced in recent days that it did not have a deadline for the application of the Mobile First Index, because some sites Armenia Email List had been having problems implementing the change with guarantees.

Armenia Email List

Haven’t prepared your site for mobile indexing yet

Thus, in consideration Armenia Email List of these sites Google has decided to postpone their launch. «We started working on mobile first several years ago. Since then, we have moved to indexing most of the Armenia Email List web pages with Google bot-smartphone. Our existing plan was to complete mobile-first indexing by March of this year . But d fter analyzing the sites that are not indexed first mobile, we determined that some of these sites are not yet ready Armenia Email List to be changed due to several unexpected challenges Armenia Email List they face. Due to these difficulties, we have decided to leave open the deadline for the last steps of the mobile-first indexing ”, explains the company.

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