We understand your doubts and we will solve Iran Email List them. But, in short, we anticipate that you are going to have to work on the SEO of your brand through the home on the one hand (in general, this has its nuances, Iran Email List be careful), that of your eCommerce on the other based on the transaction keywords and , finally, that of your physical stores through local SEO . Do you want to know how to combine all this so that you have as Iran Email List a result a well positioned website in its different areas? Well, to the mess Iran Email List and do not lose detail. How to work the SEO of the home of your eCommerce Let’s start at the beginning: home.

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Do you have to analyze each specific case to see what makes sense in your business Iran Email List? Yes. But, in general, if your brand has an online store (in which you probably send, at least, to the whole country) and a physical store (or services that require physical presence such Iran Email List as personal training or physiotherapy), the best in the Most of the cases it is to bet on brand SEO. That is, focus on the texts of your home on the keywords related to your brand Iran Email List and your sector in general . Come on, if you sell original Iran Email List t-shirts online and in a physical store with the brand name “Camisoles Epitome.

Iran Email List

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In your home you must bet on all the keywords that you find in your keyword research that Iran Email List are related to “original Epitome t-shirts”, ” Epitome t-shirt brand ”,“ Pepito t-shirts ”,“ original t-shirt website ”, etc. Featured: The basis for combining the local SEO of your physical stores with Iran Email List that of your e-commerce is to know well where to work each type of keyword . Importance of SEO in product sheets and categories Well, we already have the keywords linked to the brand on your site. Now it’s time to see where we work with transaction keywords . Come on, those of those people who Iran Email List are looking, yes or yes, your products. All that traffic Iran Email List should go directly to where the heart of the matter is: the products.

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