They will also be able to stop following pages, people and topics from Seychelles Email List  a central space, as well as pause the tracking of user posts and pages to give themselves a break from this type of content, without stopping following them forever. As you can see in the previous example , users will be able to increase, decrease or control the content that is displayed for each item , however we still do not know how much impact it will have on the feed. The idea is clear: transfer responsibility to the user for what they find in their news feed, and although this could be a good way to offer users more control over their publications,

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it will depend on how many people actually use this tool. And the data shows that even though Facebook has tried to guide users to change their settings, very few people do so, even when there are obvious reasons to do so. Facebook will ask its users to know which news sources are reliable However, this time the platform may be able to further encourage people to use these controls by maximizing their adoption and awareness, especially at a time when regulators and researchers claim that the platform has negative impacts on society. For now, this tool is available to users in the United States, but it is expected that it will soon become global.

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Facebook will also give advertisers more control to exclude their ads on controversial topics. Facebook also wants to strengthen its commitment to advertisers on its platform, so it has decided to expand the options in its tool to exclude the publication of ads on certain specific topics , so that brands can choose not to appear next to topics such as: News and politics Social problems Crime and tragedy “When an advertiser selects one or more topics, their ad will not be delivered to people who have recently interacted with those topics in their news feed, ” the company wrote in its statement. Essentially, this control will allow advertisers to avoid an unwanted association with controversial topics.

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