Too many website owners and web designers put the contact page design at the bottom of their priority list. A shame, because the contact page is such an important step in the user experience!  That’s why I want to show you how to make your contact page Cameroon Phone Number  outstanding. I’ll give you 15 best practices and 15 examples of good contact pages.  bet your contact page is in the top 5 most viewed pages. The following best practices increase the chances of getting a good contact page on your website.

Should Have on Your Own

This is what Notion did. Their primary contact button is called ‘Contact sales’ and is prominent in the menu. But there is also a contact page for customers Cameroon Phone Number who need support. This is linked in various places, including on the sales contact page you see above and in the footer. A smart detail on the sales contact page is the display of social proof . New customers like to read that others have gone before them!

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Online Department

showcase the company ‘s thought leadership , either by displaying recent blog posts or featuring articles from your company in the media. links to active social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to provide visitors with another way to interact with the company. redirects to a thank you page that explains when and how your Cameroon Phone Number company contacts the visitor. links to useful content. is creative and memorable, with eye-catching photos that help visitors associate contact with your brand with a positive memory. Showcase what your business does so visitors and potential customers can get an idea of ​​your business before they even contact you. avoids unnecessary fields and words, so that the page remains as targeted as possible.



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