you have probably been wrong with Switzerland Email Database ​the target , because that means that most of those who visit your website do not have any interest in her when they see her. Be careful, keep in mind that during the duration of a campaign, no matter how optimized it is, the bounce rate of your website will inevitably rise . That is why I am talking about 65% and not 50%. 7. You have a very low CTR: ads are not attractive If the CTR of your ads is less than 1.5% on Facebook, 1% on Instagram and 1.5% on Google Ads, the red alarm lights should go on . Actually, with figures less than 2%, 1.5% and 2% respectively, you should stop and think.

Since I don’t have space to explain where I get these numbers from, you’re going to have to trust my judgment. Be careful, I’m talking about retail, that the CTR goes by sectors and is not an equal average in all. That means your ads don’t get enough attention because a) they are very bad, in which case go back to point 4 or b) the target is wrong, in which case point 3 awaits you with open arms. 8. Your conversion rate is very low: the problem is not in the campaign, but in the point of sale or in the product Let’s imagine that all the parameters of your advertising campaign are fine, but no sales are generated.

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The natural tendency, because we are human beings, is to think “my online advertising campaign is not working” but it actually works. It fulfills its mission, which is to redirect sufficient quality traffic to your website . Faced with a good campaign with a conversion of less than 1% (this also goes by neighborhoods) the problem is structural: either your website is not well designed or your products do not work. At worst, both. A tip before running down the street with your hair on fire: look at the abandoned carts , because sometimes that’s where the key is. Sometimes what fails in your eCommerce website is the final part of the purchase process: excessive shipping costs,

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