In the same way, it emphasizes the particular Sierra Leone Email List tools of each one, such as the use of hashtags and TikTok Ads on the Chinese platform. In addition, SeQura highlights the versatility posed by the tools of the Facebook catalog, stores, marketplace, and even the advertising campaigns managed by the same Facebook network. In another vein, it also offers a guide on how to reach the general public on these platforms, which is mostly belonging to Generation Z. However, according to Sequitur studies, there is also an estimable presence of other segments such as Millennial and Generation X, whom it would be good to take into account when generating sales strategies.

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Finally, if you want to better prepare yourself to face this growing trend of eCommerce, this short and simple guide is shown as an excellent free option. Hoaxes, misinformation and offensive content are one of the main problems Facebook faces due to the controversy that constantly surrounds the publications that are shown in the news feed of its users. As a further step in trying to avoid them, Facebook will try to give users more control over their posts with new content controls. The Facebook test includes a new range of control options, for both users and advertisers, that will allow people to decide what they see, and for brands to avoid associating their ads with undesirable content on the social network.

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Choose what to see in your news feed First of all, Facebook is being tested to offer more control to users, giving them an easier way to control the content that is displayed in their news feed, that they will be able to moderate certain types of content in groups, on pages and in the feed itself. principal. As Facebook has explained : “Now people can increase or decrease the amount of content they see from their friends, family, groups and the pages to which they are connected, as well as the topics that interest them in their news preferences . ” With the new content controls, users will be able to choose favorite profiles whose content will be preferred in their news feed.

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