Clotaire Rapaille gathered large groups of Japanese for a behavioral experiment. During this experiment, Rapaille had participants tell about the past memories of their childhood. They were also asked to describe experiences with certain products and to link an emotion to it. When asked what the memory of coffee was, there was no answer. It turned out Australia Phone Number that the Japanese had never tasted coffee and therefore had no emotional connection with the drink.

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This was because in Japan only tea was drunk. Children watched their parents drink tea, lived in the smell of tea and even grew up eating snacks Australia Phone Number that tasted like tea (S. Goyal, 2020). Under these circumstances, Nestlé’s strategy to move these consumers from tea to coffee could only fail (C. Rapaille, 1975). The researcher Rapaille advised Nestlé to sell coffee sweets for children. The Japanese children discovered the taste of coffee through dozens of different coffee sweets. From there, Nestlé took the next step towards iced coffee drinks for teenagers.

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The last step was to offer hot coffee cups Australia Phone Number in coffee shops. Now, years later, Nestlé is the market leader in coffee in Japan. Rapaille’s conclusion: it doesn’t matter which story is told, but make the customer the hero of the story. Japanese coffee sweets Japanese coffee sweets How can you get started with imprinting yourself?

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