which generate new challenges Philippines Email Lists for merchants when it comes to avoiding delays in internal processes or facing their internationalization processes . In response to this situation , Tandoori arises Philippines Email Lists, a German startup dedicated to financial compliance that has just closed a series B financing round for 64 million euros. The operation has been led by Tiger Global , together Philippines Email Lists with previous investors in the company, such as Accel , Visionaries Club, y 20VC. What is Tandoori is a company created in 2016 in Hamburg, which is dedicated Philippines Email Lists to providing digital solutions for the appropriate management of taxes at an international level. That is, this German company offers assistance to traders in the retrieval of business information, management and filing of taxes.

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Tandoori is mainly oriented Philippines Email Lists to internationalized online stores, to which it facilitates the management of their operations in foreign markets, solving the problems derived from the necessary adaptations in Philippines Email Lists tax and accounting matters. Through its integrations with the main CMS for eCommerce, marketplaces and ERPs, Tandoori allows sellers to adapt to the new regulations present in the different markets in which they are located. To achieve this, the startup has its own tools that facilitate the management of accounting, billing , and VAT compliance Philippines Email Lists at an international level . A whole “financial operating system for eCommerces ” (as Taxdoo calls it) that also allows third parties to develop customized solutions on its platform, giving the Philippines Email Lists opportunity to create modular financial systems adapted to the specific needs of each client.

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In addition, Tandoori Philippines Email Lists has a local network of tax advisers throughout Europe, which allows merchants to have access to experienced support in their language to help answer their questions. On the other Philippines Email Lists hand, its price range goes from 89 euros per month for the management of 1,000 articles per month, up to 249 euros for 20,000 articles. If this quota is exceeded, Tandoori handles a particular offer depending Philippines Email Lists on the client. In addition, it has additional costs according to specific procedures. A new investment to consolidate its position in the European market Almost a year after its € 17 million Philippines Email Lists Series A round, Tandoori has increased.

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