They expect transparency, credibility, involvement Finland WhatsApp Number List and in some cases even a clear opinion. A place in the social debate, a ‘message behind the message’. Also, or perhaps especially when it comes to controversial topics. They are necessary ingredients for creating that much-needed humanity and authenticity. And it is Finland WhatsApp Number List precisely those two things that are necessary for gaining trust. People believe other people faster than they believe brands.

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People are much more loyal to people than  to brands. That makes the human dimension a powerful factor in social advertising campaigns. Also read: 7 key trends in social advertising for 2021 But how do you increase the human and authentic character of your campaigns? You lay a good foundation with these pointers.

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Use automation This seems like a strange piece of advice. Yet automation is the solution to a difficult issue: how do you apply humanity on a large scale? It is simply impossible to stay close to the individual customer without some form of automation. Your customer base is (probably) simply too large for that. Social media platforms naturally already offer some possibilities for automation.

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