As an entrepreneur or marketer, you can no longer ignore video. The content form is popular because of the many possibilities and is widely applicable. Think of your website, social media and the newsletter. You see videos in different forms. Which? This infographic contains 10 ideas to use video for your company or brand. When Slovenia Phone Number you say video, chances are that you immediately think of YouTube. It has been the most popular platform for posting, sharing and watching videos for years. YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly users. That is one third of all internet users. The platform is therefore interesting for marketers and entrepreneurs to use in their marketing and communication in order to reach a large audience. At the same  Slovenia Phone Number time, the possibilities can be overwhelming.

10 ideas for video

What kind of videos can you make Slovenia Phone Number as an entrepreneur? An idea for a corporate film may be bubbling up. But there are more possibilities. Headway Slovenia Phone Number Capital has developed the infographic below where they share 10 ideas for types of videos you could develop as an entrepreneur. They also share practical tips to get started. Think of how-to videos in which you present a product and show how you can use it and what the possibilities are. A good way to boost the sales of your product.

Slovenia Phone Number

Another idea is testimonials or Slovenia Phone Number review videos in which you share experiences of current customers with potential buyers. It is an ideal way to get a good impression of your company, product or service. Or give your target group a look behind the scenes. How does your product come about? Which employees work within the company? With a behind-the-scenes video you give an impression of the atmosphere and your target group gets a good Slovenia Phone Number picture of your company.

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