Those who have won our appreciation those whose acceptance counts more than the approval of all the unions teachers gallerists museologists journalists or historians art. Otherwise we don’t show our work. When showing one’s work to exhibit or find work all one expects is to be accepted. Criticism does not interest him nor does he seek it. But when he shows work for criticism he implicitly asks questions critical to him. If the answer is smugly and flatteringly positive then he leaves selfishly satisfied but no richer. If after all this he is hurt or angry at the criticism it means in the simplest version that he chose poorly to be criticized. He and his intentions are to blame.

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Like this would obviously have been in Bunuel’s mind when in The Phantom of Liberty in one scene the patient hears from his doctor that he has Ghost Mannequin Effect cancer and gets up and slaps the doctor. For many of the above reasons I established the Photo Critique Seminars one day each month. In these seminars the photographer learns through the photos of others and not so much through his own. Thus on the one hand the fortifications set up by egoism are broken down and on the other hand criteria are formed over time so that the photographer himself is able to judge his work better and better. This is what the seminars in Syros offer Photography and Criticism Portfolio Criticism. I close by reiterating some practical instructions for those who want to submit photos to me for review.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

The resolutions should

Pixels approximately. To be sent preferably with We Transfer. b Don’t send too often from very small collections of photos. Let them mature Email Lead and send more and more of your choices. I emphasize the word your choices. The judge is not the one who chooses at least in the more mature photographers. The judge judges your own choices. Make your selections and submit. c When sending the photos is generally about the review I don’t care what sections you have in mind. But if they are sent for selection for exhibition or publication then of course I am also interested in the modules. d The photos must be elementary edited. Not at all not definitively. e Photos that I do not select are not for disposal. Those that are for disposal should have been disposed of by you.

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