The digital revolution has dramatically. Enhanced peoples’ ability to. Enjoy their human rights, as defined. By the united nations. For example, article 19 of the un’s universal. Declaration of human rights Greece Phone Number states. That “everyone has the right to freedom of opinion.” surel.Y no one can deny it is far easier to express ourselves .In the digital Greece Phone Number age, and that’s not. The only one. Article 20 protects. Our freedom to association, the right for people to join with like-minded .Folk without geographical boundaries. Article 24 protects our right .To rest and leisure .While article 26, our right to education. Few would claim t.Hat the data and technology of the .Digital revolution hasn’t transformed their .Ability to. Connect with people.

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Enjoy digital content and expand our minds. Not forgetting article 23 which protects .Peoples’ right to work. The still burgeoning digital economy fundamentally supports that. The uk government alone says Greece Phone Number the digital .Economy adds over £400 million per day to the uk economy, and that it’s a sector growing six times faster than the average. Greece Phone Number In the u.S., the commercial internet is responsible for over 7 million jobs. There can be little doubt .- the digital age has brought. Us huge benefits, but there are challenges. We know the same digital. Ease of expressing opinions that we value has also made.

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It possible for some to bring out the worst. In people and society. Stories such as hate and harassment, through the misuse Greece Phone Number of data. At times overwhelm the good news stories of the .Benefits and connectedness a digital world brings. Of course. While more of us are familiar now .With data and technology, for many it is still .A complex and poorly Greece Phone Number understood area, which only serves to create. An air of mystery and concern. This is why the global data privacy.What the consumer really. Thinks research report, now in its fourth iteration. (and the second update containing international .Trend data), is so incredibly important and .Illuminating. In an age where too many .Opinions are expressed without evidence.

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