Rebecca The slow shutter speed gave the blurring of the eyes and the whole photo. Something like a snort and like a photographer’s emotion. The underlighting of the photo gave this graying that goes beyond the surface of the photo. The pulled back hair and severe face gave the impression of asexuality of the hermaphrodite and ultimately of the metaphysical. But it can also be a simple portrait at a time of pleasant complicity after a tender dinner. Who knows This famous photo by the famous American photographer W. Eugene Smith photo was taken on a Pacific island during the Second World War. But is it in Vietnam Or perhaps today in the conflicts between Christians and Muslims in Indonesia And what are they running to protect.

Themselves from By

Fire by earthquake by pirates bandits by the Khmer Rouge or by marines This photograph is important precisely because he knows through Photo Retouching the instinct of the good photographer that he cannot give information beyond the abstract presence of fear. Which is given with the branch that blocks the way out with the movement and threatening presence of the cloud. That is with the direction chosen by the photographer. The next photo from the same time photo is a complete failure. What do we really know about these women photos to They are photos by Harry Callahan from the streets of Chicago. But it could concern another nationality another country another environment. After all can we use as we wish. Like Argentine protestors like figures of the night like revolutionaries like relatives at a funeral etc etc.

Photo Retouching

They are nothing more

Than Harry Callahan’s figures that reveal a part of his own image of the world. His internal monologue attempts a bridge with the image of his Email Lead own external environment. What is this gentleman asking for Photo Could it be a scene from a thriller or another Hitchcock film But we do know that it is a photograph of Bill Brandt from London during the war.  assures us that all his photos are meticulously staged by him even the street photos. Nicholas Nixon photo photographs an AIDS victim. But what if it’s a scene from a movie If the foam is makeup and the patient just a skinny actor We are obliged to believe him the photographer who was present.

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