The Rotterdam VVD decided to take these elections seriously: their campaign video looked like a Hollywood production. But apart from the slick images, this video also makes clever use of various heuristics. Here you frame the opponent as from Philippines Phone Number a different (and worse) group than your own group. The VVD presents itself here as an ingroup of problem-solving entrepreneurs, and their competitor as grumbling civil servants.


A campaign is more than just a video, of course. That’s why it’s important that your video is an extension of the entire campaign, using values ​​and Philippines Phone Number words that are repeated throughout. If you want to radiate leadership as a party, place the prime minister in many places. Do you want to be approachable and close to the people? Then provide simple texts, recognizable images and clear, local points of view. Don’t think that an easy, simple campaign video will go viral. The voter is not crazy and sees the effort and creativity that has been put into the campaign expressions. It is better to make sure that you repeat one good image everywhere, than that you spend all your money on one spot for the 8 o’clock news. After all, the best campaign lesson remains: repetition, repetition, repetition.

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We also call this heuristic ‘the lab coat effect’. People in a white coat are more likely to be believed in their opinion about something, say, medical, cosmetic or scientific. Just think of all the old toothpaste commercials in which an often white man in a white coat promotes the toothpaste. A bold move, because since last year’s infamous Night of Rutte debate, Kaag is no longer undisputed in the progressive world. Yet D66 apparently has so much faith in Kaag and her image that they frequently use her in this campaign. Local expressions are hardly shown anywhere.

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