The soccer player Fernando Torres has jumped to the fore after his appearance. In different television spots with a homemade appearance and through. Which different businesses of friends of Torres himself were promoted. In the first of them, Torres was in charge of promoting the hairdressing business of his friend Juan. Carlos, in a coruña. A few days later Torres appeared in a new advertising spot. Where this time the tennis school of another of his friends was promoted. In the third and last of the spots, the scenario changed again, this time being a dog trainer business for his nacho friend. For big brands and companies and logically, everything suggested that behind these low-cost advertising spots something much more.

Important Was Hidden That Sooner or Later Would End Up.

Being discovered. Certainly, the “Virality” of these spots has not been slow. To manifest its effects, especially on the internet and largely. Due to intrigue and suspicions that behind these spots there really was a “Covert campaign”. During yesterday’s session, the Austria B2B List newspaper el Mundo offered new clues and revealed the true background. Of this advertising campaign stating that. The Torres ads are part of a banco Gallego advertising campaign created by the agency. According to newspaper sources, despite.

Will Travel to Madrid on Monday to Present This Campaign.

Austria B2B List

At which time we will all finally discover the true ending of this peculiar. And original campaign advertising. Seo and positioningseo and linkbuilding audit, basic pillars of a positioning strategy. Marketing turns to sms to bond with your customer’s technology marketing. Turns to sms to bond with your customers how telephone prospecting. Helps in sales and marketing strategy strategy how telephone prospecting. Helps in sales and marketing strategy4 marketing strategies. For ecommerce that we can learn from amazonstrategy 4 marketing strategies for ecommerce that we can learn from amazon.

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